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Take Off, Set Sail is a collaborative magazine for curious wanderers. The goal? To build a thriving community of roving storytellers just like you who long to narrate striking stories from treks abroad. We seek to champion the freedom and spirit of adventure through "journey journalism," inspiring others to join our expedition along the way. Let's have some fun!

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The Ex-Pats -- or, what we like to call, The Explorer Patrol -- consists of Take Off, Set Sail's internal team of features writers, content curators and interns. Legend has it, we all got matching tattoos at a dimly lit hut in Botswana. Once an Ex-Pat, always an Ex-Pat...probably. Apply today!

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Our allegiance, first and foremost, is to our readers. However, we rely on sponsors to help us continue to do what we love by providing a platform to contributing travelers. That said, we only support sponsors that aim to provide actual benefit to our audience. If you're interested in advertising with Take Off, Set Sail, let's talk.

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